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Where pixels meet palpable, 3D scale model makers bridge the gap between the digital realm and the tangible world.

3D scale model making is the art of crafting small, precise replicas of objects or structures using computer-generated designs and advanced printing techniques. These models are essential in industries like architecture and product design, offering a tangible way to visualize concepts and designs in a detailed format.

Technical – Engineering Models

Engineering is widely present in almost every field including Architecture, Aeronautics, Mechanical, Automotive. Bridges, Machinery, Plants are some examples of engineering. Companies/Government hire model making companies to build Engineering Scale models. Where you have to follow trial and error approach for engineering and design, Scale models are almost inevitable. The Engineering Scale models are small working/ non-working prototypes built with fraction amount of original project investment though offering the ability to test engineering and design of the project at small scale.

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Architectural Models

Builders and Contractors hire model making companies to create 3D Physical scale models of their architectural projects. Architects often use Architectural Scale Models while pitching and presenting their design proposal to Builders. Architectural models are an effective tool for Builders, Contractors, Architects for closing the deals. Architectural models are widely used in an exhibition like Real Estate Property shows/fairs to convince and close the deal with buyers. Interior models, City & township models, Infrastructure models – all falls under this category.

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Automotive Models

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Piping Models

Piping models are the Scale models with lots of piping structures. Examples of piping models include Water Treatment Plant, Oil and Gas Plants, Power Stations.

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Industrial Models

Scale models of cement plants, factory, nuclear machinery, solar plants, warehouses, automotive or any kind of industry – are all industrial models. Such models are used for the variety of reason including Planning, Pitching to investors, Reporting, etc.

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Marine Models

Marine Scale models are show stoppers in offices of cruise companies. The models catch the attention of all age visitors. Isn’t that more engaging? Marine Models are also used for training purpose in Educational courses.

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Offshore Models

Scale models of Sea Mining industries like oil-gas refineries are some examples of offshore scale models.

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Medical Models

Medical students are taught with dummy models of Brain, Lungs, Anatomy including various other organs. Medical models are primarily used for education purpose.

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Exhibition and Display Models

Product Making companies, Builders, Engineering Companies participate in various exhibitions and showcase their projects with scale models.

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Prototyping / Layout Models

Detailed models of Residential / Commercial Schemes, Plants, Urban Planning Schemes which span over acres of land are all examples of layout models.

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Product Miniature Models

We made a fully functional miniature model of an anesthesia machine for our client. The original product had 22 Lbs weight and cost 3000 USD but the Miniature hardly weighted 0.5 Lbs and cost negligible. Marketing Team of our client used miniatures for training and marketing to medical professionals about their newly launched anesthetic machine. Our client saved lots of budget along with improved business performance. There are a lot of use-cases where Product Miniatures are efficient.

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Scale models of decade-old cars, engines, machinery, monuments, extinct animals, antiques – all these decorate museum.

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Automotive, Aeronautical, Marine, Civil, Medical, Engineering and almost every other stream use scale models for Training.

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We have been in step with the latest innovation and have provided the first-mover advantage by adopting the latest technologies.

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Product Miniature

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3d Visualization

MAADHU CREATIVES provide high quality 3d architectural visualization services. We are a company totally committed to quality work, creativity and innovation. We are passionate about building advanced 3D designs for our clients in the Architectural Field. We are a team of Architectural Engineers, Graphics Specialists, Artists, 3D Animation Experts and Custom Software Programmers.


3D Printing

The introduction of inhouse 3D printing in the model-making process at Maadhu Creatives, the most trusted name in all types of model making like architecture model making, engineering model-making, marine model-making, industrial model-making, Piping Model Making, Working model Makingand many more have made the entire process very efficient, more detail-oriented, allows faster completion and extremely cost-effective.

Architectural Exterior Model

An architecture exterior model is a representation that showcases the outer appearance and design of a project.

It serves as a 3D representation, bridging the visionary designs of the architect with the tangible real-world outcome.


Architectural Interior Model

An architecture interior model is a miniature, three-dimensional representation of interior spaces, showcasing the layout, furnishings, and design elements.

It serves as a visual tool for architects and designers to communicate their concepts and helps clients visualize the final interior arrangement before construction.

Industrial Model

Industrial models are intricate three-dimensional representations of industrial designs, processes, and products. They offer a comprehensive replica of every aspect of their physical site within a single, cohesive framework, providing a holistic view for analysis and planning.


Engineering Model Making

Engineering models play a vital role in the development, and optimization of products, structures, and systems. They facilitate understanding, creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving, making them indispensable tools in the field of engineering.

Piping Model

Piping models act as prototypes for industries with large piping systems, ensuring vital connectivity in process flow. Advance techniques such as computer-aided design and 3D printing ensure efficient and safe material transportation.

ACE Model
vessel model

Marine Model

Marine models are intricate 3D representations of ships, vessels, and yachts designed for use in the sea. These models demand meticulous detailing to showcase the aesthetics and functionality of the products from all angles. They offer a scaled-down version of the original designs, capturing the full scale of ideated ships and marine entities.

Master plan Model

Master plan models, often referred to as master planning or master plan models, are strategic and comprehensive plans that outline the long-term development and vision for a specific area or project. These models provide a structured framework for urban development, land use, infrastructure, and other aspects of a community or organization.

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