Architectural Interior Model

“God is in the details”–Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

An architecture interior model is the scaled-down version of the polygonal floor plan of a project. The architecture interior model is a 3D representation that highlights the potential scale and design of the interiors of a project. It brings to life the vision of a designer.

Architecture interior model includes building a detailed view of interiors in are residential model, commercial model or developing the building floor cut section models. The model can be built to show the planning of each floor in each wing and placement of flats/units/cabins on each floor, balcony, the color schemes, possible furniture placements, etc. In the architecture interior model, the design and elements of each flat/unit/cabin can also be built to provide a detailed understanding to the viewer. These models are usually built on a scale of 1:10 to 1:50 to provide possible minute details.

Maadhu Creatives’ skilled, professional and technologically advanced team works diligently towards realizing this vision and develops world-class creatives architecture interior models. We are a trusted name and specialize in developing all types of creatives architecture interior models. You share the details and we deliver creatives and stunning architecture interior model based on your requirement.

  • Conceptual Architecture Interior Design Models: Developed during the initial stages as an indicative model to showcase the interior concept, it is very useful in understanding the utility and constraints in developing various interior elements of the project.
  • Interactive Architecture Interior Models: Developed as the next stage model (to the conceptual model), it is perfect for use during the sales and investor’s pitches. There are various aspects of the interior part of the project that can be highlighted using the interactivity in the models like:
  • Hydraulic lift-up of the floor of building to showcase the cut section and interior planning of each individual unit in the building or the floor plan as a whole,
  • Remote or table operated lighting system to provide an idea of the lighting individual flat/unit/cabin-wise, floor-wise, etc.
  • Touch displays that emphasise desired characteristics are a frequent way to include interaction into models.

We’ve made steady progress since we began more than a decade ago, keeping up with ever-changing technology. We have adopted latest advanced techniques in architecture interior model making. With our in-house experienced, professional craftsmen and technological facilities like laser cutting and 3D printing, we are able to develop creatives and beautiful architecture interior models with accurate and fine detailing.

We work with our clients in a very integrative way from beginning to end. We pay close attention to each requirement and provide help on decision-making with respect to the scale of the model, ideal material for the project, level of details required, method of design and development, etc. This approach has led to:

  • Best high quality model
  • Cost-saving,
  • Faster delivery,
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Over the years we have successfully developed and delivered creative and top quality of architecture interior models in India and all over the World.

If you have an architecture interior model model making requirement, we can build a creative and amazing model for you. Let’s collaborate..!

Architectural Interior Model

Architectural Interior Models-Maadhu Creatives

Interior Model Of Typical Residential Building Floor


Model Scale : – 1:25

  1. Model Size : 1200 mm X 1200 mm X 300 mm (Height)
  2. Model Location: Mumbai, India.
  1. Situated in Mumbai, this model shows luxurious amenities provided by the client to the residents.

    Fitness Centre and many other luxurious entertainment facilities like garden, swimming pool and indoor & outdoor play area are shown in the model…

Interior Model Of Amenities floor of a Building


  1. Model Scale : – 1:15
  2. Model Size : 2100 mm X 2100 mm X 350 mm (Height)
  3. Model Location: Mumbai, India.

This model represents a typical floor of a residential building in Navi Mumbai.

It was designed to provide potential guests or customers with a realistic visual demonstration of flats in the building…

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