Engineering Model Making

Engineering Modeling and Design is a comprehensive systems engineering text that focuses on systematic principles for designing systems. Concurrent engineering, which requires that from the very start of a project all players (e.g., engineering, maintenance, marketing, customers) are involved as all facets of the system life cycle are considered, is skillfully illustrated through the use of two major case studies. The text describes how a product design proceeds parallel to the process design, explains key duties of systems engineers throughout the product life cycle, and examines the process of system design in terms of life cycle requirements. Projects and problems are presented throughout the text. A homework solutions/instructor’s manual is available from the publisher upon request.

Engineering Model Making

“Form ever follows function.”  – Louis Sullivan

An Engineering model is a 3-dimensional representation of a highly complex industrial product, equipment, or structure design. Engineering model making is an art of bringing to life a vision of a full-sized project or product by creating 3d scaled models.

These engineering models are used as the prototypes of the original project or a product and provide proper visualization of large-scale industrial projects and products.

Maadhu Creatives is a top-rated, professional and trusted engineering model making company in Mumbai, India that has made best strides towards the progress of engineering model making by introducing the latest technology and innovation.

The team at Maadhu Creatives is equipped with latest technology, skilled and professionally trained people who are experts in developing all types of Engineering models and  Mechanical Models :

Conceptual design model: Built in the initial stages of the project it provides a basic understanding of the design feasibility; rectification of technical flaws or correction of any engineering design errors at the conceptual level itself.

Working model: The model, which is built in the following phase of the process, demonstrates the functioning of the real project or product.

Presentation model: Built uniquely for presentation purposes in exhibitions, trade fairs, offices, etc. provides the viewers an idea of the actual project or product 

Cut or cross-section model: Built to demonstrate the mechanism or a technical aspect of the internal sections for ease of understanding during display.

At Maadhu Creatives we have built and delivered best in class engineering models for the clients in the Aerospace, Aviation, Industrial Products, Manufacturing, Aeronautics, Automotive, Utilities,  Medical Devices, Shipbuilding, Mechanical and Oil and Gas industries.

Engineering Model Making


Power Transformer Miniature Model

Model Scale – 1:15

Model Size : 2′ 6″ ft x 2′ ft x 1’6″ ft. (Height)

Model Location : Mumbai, India.

The picture displays a miniature scaled model of a transformer (Engineering Model Making).

Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Miniature Model

Model Scale – 1:15

Model Size : 2′ 6″ ft x 2′ ft x 1’6″ ft. (Height)

Model Location : Mumbai, India.

This model shows a Gas Insulated Switch-gear (GIS) which are used as substation equipment and receiving equipment for safe and stable supply of electricity.


Air Cooled Chiller Miniature Model

Model Scale – 1:35

Model Size : 3‘ ft x 2′ ft x 2’ ft. (Height)

Model Location : Mumbai, India

Mini Milk Dairy Plant Model

Model Scale – 1:10

Model Size : 2‘ 8″ ft x 1′ 8″ft x 1’ 6″ft. (Height)

Model Location : Pune, India

This model shows a miniature milk processing
dairy plant.

The piping is done in the model to show the
flow and the technique of processing milk.

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