Marine Model Making

A theme park model may feature several individual amusement parks like Smurfs’ Village and Star Wars lands, dining and retailing areas, family hotels and resorts, shopping outlets and first stores, and nicely landscaped areas with various kinds of vegetation.

The theme park is a tourist destination full of fun and adventure, and a place where people can spend quality time with their family members.

Special visual effects can be created by adding miniature recreational facilities like water rides to mimic the real entertainment activities, as well as to make the whole theme park model look more attractive and vibrant as it is in reality.

Marine Model Making

Design is where science and art break even.- Mieke Gerritzen

Marine models relate to models of all the things that are used/placed in the sea or a water body. A maritime model is a 3-D representation of the different types of marines, ships, yachts, oil rig, vessels, cruiser, speed boats and army boat. These models require the highest level of detailing to visualize the aesthetics and working of the product from every angle. It showcases the full scale of the ships, vessels or cruiser ship etc, that have been ideated. This is all done in a scaled-down version of the original.

At Maadhu Creatives we have a perfect blend of team members who are professionally, expert and skilled craftsmen and perfect at building intricate and sophisticated elements that are required in such models and are equally adept at computer-aided technologies to design the complex aspects that require attention to detail.

The maritime models are not only magnificent show centerpieces or elegant conceptual pieces but they are great teaching material too providing details on each functional aspect of the product. The model gives life to the masterstroke vision of the designer.

The marine models are designed and developed for industries such as Gas and Oil, or companies in the Nautical industry like Shipbuilding, ShipyardsCruise companies, Water-sports and Offshore companies etc.

You have a marine model model making or vessel model making  requirement, we can build a creative model for you. Let’s collaborate..!

Marine Model Making


Vessel Model

Model Scale – 1:300

Model Size : 600mm x 150mm x 200mm (Height)

Model Location : South Africa

This marine scaled model represents a typical Gas Ship from South Africa…

Oil Rig Model

Model Scale – 1:40

Model Size : 1050mm x 950mm x 1665mm (Height )

Model Location : Nigeria (West Africa)

The model represents an oil rig from Nigeria.

This detailed model has multiple cranes installed on it.

Along with this it has a helipad.

Every small details were kept into consideration while making this model.


Army Boat Model

Model Scale – 1:20

Model Size : 150mm x 200mm x 300mm (Height )

Model Location : Mumbai, India

The model shows an army boat used by the
Defence forces.

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