Industrial Model Making

An industrial model is a way to sell your product by presenting its unique features in a way that everyone can understand. An industrial model can be an exact replica or emphasize a particular aspect of your product by use of cutaway design, working parts or lights and sound.

If your product is tiny, we can magnify its size to show intricate parts that would otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye. Likewise, if your product is large and unwieldy, a scaled-down industrial model will represent your design in a form that is easier to handle, transport and digest.

Industrial models can tell a story. Perhaps your product is an idea, process or system that is not easily explained. We can create a physical representation that makes your process

Industrial Model Making

An object should be judged by whether it has a form consistent with its use. – Bruno Munari

Industrial model making is a first step towards giving life to the vision of a huge project like a manufacturing plant, a production facility, or a food processing plant. Based on the client’s requirements, the model could be scaled down or made full scale; or even scaled up to magnify the essential features of a miniature part.

The industrial model is the affordable solution for the exhibitors, as huge, expensive real plants or machinery is not required to be carried at the exhibitions. The industrial model is enough to present the warehouse, machinery or plant at the exhibition.

An industrial model helps in providing a high-level or detailed view of the nuances, the design feasibility, function, aesthetics, ergonomics and dimensions of a mega project in a single place.

The fabrication of industrial models involves people with a very good knowledge of industrial architecture, highly skilled, professional craftsmanship and best experience in developing industrial model making. At Maadhu Creatives we have a team of these professionals and skilled who are experts and have many years of experience in these aspects.

You share the details and precise planning and we deliver the world-class & creative industrial models displaying the complex operations and the various components of the facilities accurately and realistically in a simple, lucid, and uncluttered manner.

  • Conceptual Models: Developed during the initial stages as an indicative model to give a high-level view of the mega-project which aids in understanding the utility and constraints in developing such a huge project.
  • Presentation Models: Developed with detailed elements, the industrial models help the companies in demonstrating the unique features of their projects in meetings, exhibitions, and trade shows to potential clients and investors in a simple and visually appealing way.
  • Working Models: Developed into working models that show the entire working of the prominent sections of the industrial layout. The team gives life to the model by adding more details and captivating elements like adding moving parts, open-closed views,  terrains, removable roofs and landscaping.

Industrial models can be developed for cement plants, milk-processing units, factories layout, Power plant, nuclear plants, Oil and gas plants, Power Grid and machinery, food processing plant, automotive, production units, warehouses, farming, solar plants, smart industries, water treatment plant, sewage water treatment plant, Transformer, GI Substation or any other kind of industry.

You have an industrial model making requirement, we can build a model for you. Let’s connect and collaborate..!

Industrial Project


Pharmaceutical Industrial Plant Model

Model Scale – 1:500

Model Size : 4′ ft x 4′ ft x 6″ inches, (Height)

Model Location :  Dubai, UAE

An industrial model made for a pharmaceutical company in Dubai, UAE.

The model shows administrative buildings, factory, planting area and much more…

Food Processing Industry Model

Model Scale – 1:200

Model Size : 4′ ft x 4′ ft x 1′ ft, (Height)

Model Location :  Dubai, UAE

This model was developed for a food Industry in Dubai.

The model has a chocolate coffee and a biscuit processing plant with wheat, rice, coco and corn field beside the river. Beside these there are other buildings to control the food processing.


Wireless Data Transfer Model

Model Scale – 1:20

Model Size : 4′ ft x 4′ ft x 1′ ft, (Height)

Model Location : 

This scaled model shows the wireless data transfer technologies used in today’s world.

Data transfer from a tower to the admin building using animated LED lights has been shown in the model…

Tata Industrial Model

Model Scale – 1:200

Model Size : 6‘ ft x 4′ ft x 1’ 6″ inches, (Height)

Model Location : Delhi, India

This model shows generation of electricity through thermal plant, wind mills, solar energy etc.

It has moving cars and trucks and the model is lit by LED’s which are controlled by switches…

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