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MAADHU Creatives is a creative arts and crafts company well known as Scale Model Company, 3D Scale Model Maker and architectural modeling firm. We have the top position in the list of Model Making Companies. Our Expertise in Product and Miniature Model Making earned us great prestige as the best scale model makers, product and architectural model makers, industrial and engineering model builders, Building Model makers.

We are situated in Mumbai, the business hub of India. Our clientele includes Jio, Buhler, L&T, Essel Infra and many other Fortune 500 companies. More than 80% of clients choose to work with us again and again. Our work quality and delivery time are exceptional. Don’t believe? Let’s work with us.

Scale Models Making Services

Technical - Engineering Models

Engineering is widely present in almost every field including Architecture, Aeronautics, Mechanical, Automotive. Bridges, Machinery, Plants are some examples of engineering. Companies/Government hire model making companies to build Engineering Scale models. Where you have to follow trial and error approach for engineering and design, Scale models are almost inevitable. The Engineering Scale models are small working/non-working prototypes built with fraction amount of original project investment though offering the ability to test engineering and design of the project at small scale.

Piping Models

Piping models are Scale models with lots of piping structures. Examples of piping models include Water Treatment Plant, Oil and Gas Plants, Power Stations.

Architectural Models

Builders and Contractors hire model making companies to create 3D Physical scale models of their architectural projects. Architects often use Architectural Scale Models while pitching and presenting their design proposal to Builders. Architectural models are an effective tool for Builders, Contractors, Architects for closing the deals. Architectural models are widely used in an exhibition like Rea

Industrial Models

Scale models of cement plants, factories, nuclear machinery, solar plants, warehouses, automotive, or any kind of industry – are all industrial models. Such models are used for a variety of reasons including Planning, Pitching to investors, Reporting, etc.

Marine Models

Marine Scale models are show stoppers in offices of cruise companies. The models catch the attention of all age visitors. Isn’t that more engaging? Marine Models are also used for training purposes in Educational courses.

Offshore Models

Scale models of Sea Mining industries like oil-gas refineries are some examples of offshore scale models.

Medical Models

Medical students are taught with dummy models of the Brain, Lungs, Anatomy including various other organs. Medical models are primarily used for education purposes.

Exhibition and Display Models

Product Making companies, Builders, Engineering Companies participate in various exhibitions and showcase their projects with scale models.

Prototyping / Layout Models

Detailed models of Residential / Commercial Schemes, Plants, Urban Planning Schemes which span over acres of land are all examples of layout models.

Product Miniature Models

We made a fully functional miniature model of an anesthesia machine for our client. The original product had 22 Lbs weight and cost 3000 USD but the Miniature hardly weighted 0.5 Lbs and cost negligible. The marketing Team of our client used miniatures for training and marketing to medical professionals about their newly launched anesthetic machine. Our client saved lots of budget along with improved

Museum Models

Scale models of decade-old cars, engines, machinery, monuments, extinct animals, antiques – all these decorate museum.

Training Models

Automotive, Aeronautical, Marine, Civil, Medical, Engineering and almost every other stream use scale models for Training.

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